About Beta Phase

BetterFleet is in beta phase. We will continue to work with many stakeholders over the coming months to develop and refine the information presented. While the data and method that underpin BetterFleet are robust, we recognise that this is a sensitive topic and will be working with the industry and those who use it to improve the information presented. In particular, we will be working with companies to test the model against their actual data to ensure that the model accurately reflects reality.

While we recognize that the development of BetterFleet will be ongoing, we feel it is currently useful to the shipping industry and those who use it as part of their supply chain. As part of the ongoing consultation, we have received the following feedback:

Captain Kavil Madhu Nair, Vice President, Rickmers Shipmangement (Singapore) Pte Ltd:

“Ships now operate in a world where effective decision-making is more vital than ever, affecting trading relationships, the environmental impact of transporting goods and the bottom lines of owner, operator and shipper alike. In this world transparent and consistent information is becoming increasingly important, with access to operational efficiency data a key consideration for forward-looking organisations.

“By launching BetterFleet and making operational efficiency data available to the masses, ship owners and managers will be able to make the case for greater operational efficiency to charterers and shippers, who drive the demand and determine how vessels are run in most cases. It will also boost the commercial offering of efficient operators and managers by demonstrating they are able to work with their shippers to run ships as efficiently as possible.

“We see real potential for BetterFleet to help owners, managers and shippers to re-shape the market.”

Jan Dieleman, President, Cargill Ocean Transportation:

“Operating a vessel in an efficient way includes making the right decisions around costs, logistics and environmental impact. The new tool developed by the Carbon War Room aims at making the exchange of information on these topics more transparent and accessible for charterers and owners. This and other efficiency tools which are continuously improved indicate that there is a strong commitment of the industry to making shipping more efficient. It is a positive development to observe.”