Taking Shipping's Decarbonisation Further, Faster, As One

2018 has been a hugely inspiring and transformative year for Carbon War Room shipping team. The levers for carbon reduction in shipping have changed with the International Maritime Organization’s introduction of a target of 50% reduction in total carbon emissions earlier this year. We’ve been planning and changing too.

We have been working to decarbonise the maritime shipping industry for over a decade and have been doing that as a part of the Rocky Mountain Institute since 2014.

Over the past few years we’ve worked with our partners to develop the leading thinking on the financial impacts of decarbonisation while maintaining some of the leading efficiency indices at ShippingEfficiency.org.

With fast-approaching regulation taking a central role in supporting shipping stakeholders to decarbonise, we’re focusing our efforts where our intellectual rigour and ability to work across disruptors and incumbents can have the greatest impact. That means working with our partners – University College London and Global Maritime Forum – as well as leading financial institutions to build business-ready decarbonisation solutions.

To deliver the greatest impact we are uniting Carbon War Room and Rocky Mountain Institute’s transportation projects under this united focus, and under the united ‘Rocky Mountain Institute’ name.

We're still going to be very active in the maritime and shipping industries - in fact, we have some exciting projects in the works. Meanwhile, ShippingEfficiency.org will remain the home of the GHG Emissions Rating and BetterFleet.

It’s the same shipping team you’ve always known, working together with other transportation programmes to forge a united purpose under one Rocky Mountain Institute brand.

Taking shipping and supply chain decarbonisation further, faster, as one.


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