Around 70% of the world’s approximate $250 billion fuel bill is paid not by the ship owner or the operator, but by the charterer. With access to vessel ratings, shippers and charterers can choose to use more fuel-efficient vessels for their shipping, leading to millions of saved dollars for them and the consumer. To ensure you are optimizing your fuel bills, search now to see the efficiency of the vessels you charter. See where they rank and how they compare to other vessels.

Charterers can implement a policy that refuses to charter F and G rated vessels (i.e. the most inefficient vessels) that are listed on the GHG Emissions Rating. This can yield significant savings since charterers pay the bulk of the fuel bill for a vessel and that this fuel bill is a large portion of charterer costs. As of May 2016, over 39 charterers representing around 20% of the world's cargo factor energy efficiency into the vessel selection process. This represents over 26,000-vessl movements a year. Feedback from users tells us that this framework has not only helped to reduce shipping costs, but has also gone a long way to publicly demonstrate their commitment towards corporate social responsibility. To join them, you can search the efficiency of the vessels you charter on this website. You can get in touch with our team to discuss and implement this policy.